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About The Company

We perform any recruitment tasks for your business.

SpellRise is an international team of 15 professional IT recruiters. For more than 8 years, we have gathered our clients' entire teams and IT departments worldwide. You will take your recruitment to the next level by partnering with us.The average conversion rate of SpellRise recruiters:1. To close one vacancy with us, you need to review only 3-5 relevant candidates;2. The term for closing a vacancy will be reduced to 1-2 weeks with prompt processing;3. 90% of the specialists found by our recruiters continue to work for our clients for more than 2 years.4. As a separate service, we can also take on HR and technical interviews with video recording and detailed feedback

Services We Provide

We create and manage your teams, freeing you from any worries.



We search and hire employees and contractors for our clients. We help you develop a clear job description and find the best IT specialists. We also provide executive search services for companies.

    Talent acquisition

    Sourcing of candidates

    handling doubts and objections

    After offer support



We can conduct HR and technical interviews with video recordings and detailed feedback. Just focus on your business instead of dealing with routine. The final decision is always yours.

    HR Interview

    Technical interview

    Holding tests and reviews

    Detailed feedback on each candidate



Scale up your team fast and get reliable remote developers in any country of Europe. We can offer you the legalization, HR, legal, and tax support of your developers from our EU company.

    Back-end & front-end developers.

    QA specialists.

    Product managers.

    Data scientists & business analysts.



We provide consulting services for our clients. You can contact us if you need help creating job descriptions, IT market analysis in different countries, and tax or legal support.

    Job descriptions

    IT market analysis

    Tax and legal support

    HR consulting

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We work with clients from several industries. Whatever you do, we can help you perform even better.

As a reliable and experienced IT recruitment company, we have worked with our clients' IT departments in various industries. We successfully cooperate in the following areas::


    Online retail



    Internet of things

    Travel & hospitality




    AR & VR

    Gaming & mobile apps

We have candidates, clients, and remote teams in different parts of the world. Our main targets are such regions as:











Contact us to see what our recruiters can do for you.


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Why choose Us

Learn more about the benefits you get when working with us.

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    Skilled specialists

    Our team consists of 15 experienced IT recruiters and salespeople. We undertake all processes of search, recruitment, and personnel management. You care about your business, and we help make it better

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    Perfect matches

    We build technical teams for our clients from scratch and recruit specialists for open vacancies for product and outsourcing IT companies. You will take your recruitment to the next level by partnering with us.

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    Business consulting

    We provide a market analysis of IT specialists in any country, including unique technologies. We advise optimizing recruiting, identifying must-have requirements, simplifying the search for candidates, and shortening the search period.

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    Fair pricing

    We offer a clear and straightforward payment model with no hidden fees. We can provide you with a fixed price or a variant with interest payment from the annual salary. You pay only for the services you use: candidate search, recruiting, consulting.

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    Urgent hire

    Our database includes 160,000 candidates, and we are constantly adding to it - The average hiring period with us is 1-2 weeks, without opening a direct search. You will choose your specialist only from 3-5 successful interviews.

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    International team

    We have experience in recruitment for clients from Ukraine, Israel, America, Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. We will be able to find you local or global talents in any part of our planet.

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We work closely on social media to create a positive partner brand for candidates.

Our recruiters communicate with hundreds of potential candidates daily, even if there are no open positions. We have an active social life to get quality results when needed.

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Need help from professional IT recruiters?

Feel free to contact us and scheduleyour first consultation with our specialists.

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